Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This book was recommended to me by a friend shortly after Mom passed away.  It was written by Hospice nurses who share their experiences with patients near death and how the patients give clues that they are near death.  So many interesting stories about "travel".  I'm still reading it, having to read it bits at a time but getting insight into clues that, perhaps, my mom was giving to us.  


Elaine Pereira said...

I can completely relate to your mourning the loss of your mother while she's still alive; not really "there" of course, but not deceased either. My mother's decline was fairly rapid comparatively speaking. She died July 8, 2011 after a brutal 18+ months of devastating and bizarre events. The preceding 4 years were erratic and laced with fluctuations of lucidity.

Elaine C Pereira, MA OTR/L CDP CDC

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Donna Tuscano said...

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