Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From Marilyn's Birthday Book of Memories, from Joyce Boone - April 30, 1997

"April 30, 1997

I have known Marilyn for 20 years or maybe I should say I have known of her for that length of time. Hal hired me at my present place of employment that many years ago. As I began to know Hal, he began to talk of his family, especially Marilyn. There were many times that Hal would come in with a long face and we all would know that Marilyn was having a difficult time with her health. He would talk to me about her and before long I began to think of her as a friend also. I remember so many times after I was transferred to our Los Angeles Distribution Center, thinking of Hal and Marilyn and how she was doing. Then I was transferred back to Louisville and found out that Marilyn was working in Real Estate. I spoke with Hal and asked him if Marilyn would help me find a house. Well, that was all I needed to say. She immediately called me and the search was on. I think what stands out in my mind mostly was the day that I closed on my new home, Marilyn took me to lunch at The Bristol. I had not eaten there before and I so enjoyed the atmosphere and talking with her so much about general things rather than business. It was such a joy to see her looking so well after all she had been through.
And look at her now.
Marilyn, I hope that you enjoy your 60th birthday with all of your friends. I am sorry I could not attend, but I will be thinking of you. Have a great day.

Joyce Boone"

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