Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mom made it to age 60 on April 30, 1997!

My mothers parents both passed too early from heart disease. My grandfather, Paul Bromley, was 64 when he died of a heart attack in the few months after the 1974 tornado. My grandmother, Mary Emma Bromley, was 66 when she died. Good reason for my own mother, with heart disease, to be nervous entering into the decade of her 60's.
But it was also a BIG reason to celebrate, given the fact that she wasn't supposed to live to the age of 42. Dad planned a huge birthday party for Mom's special day. In the invitation we asked all invited guests to please write their most favorite memories of Mom or anything they could think of, even if they couldn't attend the party and either bring their paper with them or mail it to us.
We were putting togther a booklet of memories for Mom to read.
Below is what the invitation read...

"They said she wouldn't make it, but we all knew she would,
she scared us lots of time, but she always has pulled through.
Well now she's turning 60, can you believe it's actually true!
So we're going to have a party and we hope you'll be there too!

Please join us to celebrate Marilyn's 60th Birthday
Sunday, May 4th, 1997
2-4 PM
2200 Carolina Ave.

To help us celebrate this great occation, we are gathering meanderings, memories and good wishes from all of Marilyn's friends and family and binding them together in a book.

Please use the enclosed sheet of paper to write to Marilyn. We have included more than one sheet for more than one though or incase of a mistake. Please don't feel like you have to fill them all up.

You may want to recall a fond memory, or let her know how much you appreciate her or just wish her a Happy Birthday. For those of you with "writers block" may want to place some photo's on the enclosed sheet.

Whatever you choose to do, please return your response in the enclosed envelope before April 30th.

Thanks in advance for your help. We hope this will be a warm and wonderful surprise for Marilyn, so even if you can't be there in body, your spirit and your thoughts will help her to celebrate this wonderful day. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me,
Camille Forrester Estes at XXX-XXX-XXXX"

These notes will help give more insight to what a really neat person my mother was and still is.

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