Monday, October 3, 2011

From Mom's Journal - date unknown (age 42)

This journal entry by Mom is just a list of questions that she had written down to ask her (then) doctor, Dr. Lucy Tyler. Lucy (as we called her) wrote her answers to each question in Mom's journal.


Mom: "1. Will not be doing anymore tests etc at this time?"
Lucy: "Right"

Mom: "2. Will try to control with medicine?"
Lucy: "CERTAINLY. Only when pulmonary emboli not controlled by ADEQUATE ANTICOAGULATION do we clip a vena cava."

Mom:"3. When will I have another stress test?"
Lucy: "SOON I'm talking to Trimbur today"

Mom: "4. How did your sister survive the Hurricane David"
Lucy: "Who knows. Thank you for asking."

Mom: "5. What about heart rate?"
Lucy: "Excercise more everyday. By Monday if it ain't under 100/minute, we'll put a little more DIGOXIN on you - you can handle more.
1. Come to office every Monday & Thursday for a while for Protimes.
2. Call me anytime
3. All is well
4. Up exercise."


Dr. Lucy Tyler became a close family friend. She truly loved my mother and cared for her above and beyond what any other doctor could. We are so grateful that she was a part of our family for several years and helped to save Mom's life. Then one day we never saw her again. We would love to find her again one day. My parents think she now lives in Florida but not sure.

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