Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scary Evening

Saturday May 14, 2011

Mom has not been feeling well the past few days. Dad tells me that she has very little energy and feels like she can't get enough air. I talked to Dad earlier in the evening and he said he had decided to call EMS to take mom to the hospital again; I offered to go sit with him in the ER but he insisted I stay home until I heard from him.

Later this evening around 7:30 I received a phone call from Camille. The words out of her mouth I almost couldn't believe...."Mom just coded!" I dropped what I was doing, told David I had to go, that Mom had coded, flat lined. I began to cry, the kids and David hugged me and out the door I went. Called Dad on the way to the hospital, he said the nurses had gotten her stable. The EMT pumped her chest twice and she woke right up.

After all these years of living with the threat of losing my mother I always felt like I was prepared. Getting that phone call from my sister made me aware that I am not ready to lose my mother.

Will write more later. Going to bed now.

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