Saturday, October 22, 2016

When I'm Gone Remember Me

On Saturday October 8, 2016:  David and I went to a barn party that the company he works for hosted in Prospect KY.  A caterer supplied delicious BBQ with sides and plenty of beer.  A live band was hired to perform called The Tailgaters Band.  The band played for about an hour or so performing mostly fun country songs squeezing in some fun top 40 and heavy metal music.  Then their lead singer, Joe Bachman, slowed it down and began to tell us of a song he wrote and wanted to sing for us about his daddy who is living with Alzheimer's disease.  As soon as he started telling us about the song and his dad I knew I needed to record this performance (which I did).

After the song ended I told David that I wanted to ask their singer (Joe) if I could put my video of their performance on my blog but I was too scared to actually ask.  I hesitated because I figured they probably get people of all sorts asking them to sign autographs or who knows what.  But I really wanted to put this video in my blog so with David's encouragement I worked up the nerve to ask.  As I began to walk over to Joe during his break a couple of other folks approached him so I turned around and walked away feeling disappointed.  I didn't want to interrupt.  Several minutes went by and when Joe finished talking with the others he headed back toward the stage.  I knew that I wouldn't get another opportunity to get Joe's permission to post it.

After a few more minutes the band was still on their break and Joe came back out away from the stage to the food table to get some BBQ.  I decided to take this opportunity and walked over to ask him about the video I just recorded.  I said "excuse me" and introduced myself.  I told Joe I hated to bother him while he was getting his food, but...  I briefly told him of Mom and explained my blog, then asked for his permission to post the video to my blog.  He told me he would be honored and said he would also email the MP3 of the single to me.  He took my name and email address right then and offered sympathy regarding the passing of Mom.

I'm so thankful to him for allowing this post.  Below is the link to the video I took that night.  The link will take you to my Dealing with Dementia Facebook page because the actual video was too big to post directly here.  I want to post the MP3 of this single here too but I haven't figured out how to do that just yet.  I promise to post the MP3 if I ever figure out how to.
The Way I Used To Be 

Final thought as I'm typing this:  all the people I've talked to who are currently caring for or have cared for in the past the symptoms of their loved one with dementia/alzheimers are all the same. It's like a broken record when discussed with others.  We all understand, we all empathize, we all hope for a cure.

The Tailgaters Band performing The Way I Used To Be.  Joe Bachman singing about his daddy is on the right.

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