Thursday, September 13, 2012

Margaret Bromley's Tribute to Mom

Mom's sister, Margaret Bromley, gave this sweet tribute at Mom's memorial. I love how it gave us a peek into Mom's childhood, adolesence, teen and early adult years. Thank you Aunt Margaret, for everything. I couldn't have made it through all of this over the years without you.

Celebration of Marilyn Bromley Forrester's Life

I first want to thank all of you for coming to Marilyn's Celebration of Life today. However, most of you knew her in her later years, and since she was my 'older' sister, I do believe that I have known her the longest! So come with me down 'memory lane' and enjoy some joyful moments of her earlier years. They will be short but let your imaginations travel with me...

* Catching lightening bugs on a summer's evening and watching their glow through the night...but always letting them go free the next day
* Playing 'Kick the Can' under the streetlight with the neighborhood children on Birchwood Avenue in Crescent Hill
* Walking together the six blocks to Clark School everyday...sometimes through the alleys
* Playing a duet with me at our annual piano recital
* Raking leaves together to the curb and burning them in the fall...before burning was banned
* Sledding with squeals and laughter with our father on No.5 hill at Crescent Hill Golf Course
* Collecting eggs from the hen house at our grandmother's farm
* Climbing together to the top of the silo and feeling that we were 'on top of the world'
* Sharing the thrill of welcoming a new baby sister, Beverly, into our family
* Making and decorating Spritz Christmas cookies with our mother, a tradition that Camille continues to this day
* Getting her driver's license at 16
* Playing the trumpet in Atherton's first marching band and having to wear a band uniform with a skirt as the principal felt it was 'unladylike' to wear pants!
* Double dating with me and going to Kaelin's drive-in for a cheeseburger after a movie
* Learning to make the famous 'Bromley Cinnamon Rolls' that Anne still makes for the annual Bromley Christmas Family dinner
* Going off to college at Venderbilt and getting a telegram from me that Atherton had beaten Male 6-2 (we found the telegram which had been saved with other memorabilia when Marilyn and Hal moved to Dudley Square)
* Meeting and falling in love with Hal
* Getting married on Sept 3, 1960 and starting life together at the Greenhill Apartments with several couples who have remained friends for life
* Welcoming Camille and Anne into their family
* Providing a safe and comfortable haven to all who visited in her home by being the perfect support and hostess

Marilyn loved life and wanted to share happy moments and good times. I hope you have enjoyed sharing them again through these good memories of Marilyn with each of us here today. Again, thank you for coming to her Celebration of Life!

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