Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lyndsey's Tribute to her Grandmommy

Lyndsey (now 21 years old) was the first grandchild therefore she has always had a special, close relationship with her grandparents, especially her Grandmommy. She wrote a tribute about her Grandmommy that she posted on Facebook. Lyndsey's mom Camille (my sister) read it at Mom's funeral.

I'm not usually one to broadcast things like this on facebook, but this morning the world lost one of the most wonderful ladies I have ever known. My Grandmommy, Marilyn Forrester, passed away this morning.

She fought heart disease, MS, and diabetes for over 30 years, surpassing the doctors expectations by a long shot. A woman who wasn't even supposed to live to see her oldest daughter graduate high school made it all the way to see her oldest grandchild turn 21.

My grandmother always has, and always will be the most inspirational, and badass woman I will ever know, she fought all the way to the end. In her own words "That's what happens when you piss me off, I live for thirty more years.

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