Thursday, August 9, 2012

The End of a Very Long Road

Marilyn Bromley Forrester 4/30/1937 - 8/8/2012

On Wednesday morning at approximately 6:06 AM, my strong, sweet, beautiful, loving mother lost her battle with dementia. It was a long, hard fight for her and she fought up until she took her last breath. I cannot believe she is gone and I'm so sad. This is the deepest sadness I've ever felt.


Ellen Schildt said...

Your mom was a fighter. She was a great inspiration for you and Camille, as well as your children. Wow...she left a legacy that you should be very proud of. I promise Pat is waiting for her and, as your dad was explaining about Pat's shortcomings, it is a fact that he no longer has any of those and will be the one to lead your mom into heaven to be greeted by all the others who went before her! Also, no doubt she has added some color to those pearly gates...heaven forbid they remain white!! I think that beautiful shade of pink that was so magnificent on her living room walls!! I know it is hard to smile right now, but it is what your mom would want. Remember her smile, her touch, her loving glances, but most of all, remember her laughter, because she was happy to be here with you, Camille, your children, her friends, and most of all, your dad, her husband of so many years!! :)
Love, Ellen

Tracy said...

Oh I'm Soo Sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please find peace in knowing you Mother is in a better place. As my young daughter said after my Mom passed of ALZ"Nana remembers everyone now"