Friday, March 23, 2012

Misc. Thoughts and Facebook

I saw Mom on Monday and she was in such a good mood. Full of smiles and hugs.

On Tuesday morning Mom called and said she hadn't seen or talked to me in a while and wanted to check in to see how I and my family were doing. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had seen her less than 24 hours ago. Instead I went along with her reality and told her a theraputic lie. I told her that I was sorry I hadn't been around, that David and I had been very busy with our kids schedules with their spring sports. In all honesty though, that really wasn't a lie.....the kids spring sports are now in full swing.

Wednesday afternoon I received the same call from Mom, again saying that she hadn't seen or talked to me in what seemed like several weeks.

Yesterday (Thursday) I talked to my sister. She told me that Mom had called her on Wednesday to invite her to lunch at 11:30. Camille went to the deli where they agreed to meet (Mom's caregiver would have taken her over). Camille said she waited and waited and Mom with her caregiver never showed up. Camille said she tried calling Mom at home and on Mom's cell phone but no one answered either phone.

Apparently Mom's caregiver had not been informed of the lunch date plans that Mom set up with Camille. Later that day Camille mentioned it to Dad. Dad said Mom had no memory of even talking to Camille.

I have started a fan page on Facebook because I have had over 4000 views on my blog which I find incredible! My writing is what has saved me from the stress of the disease, dementia, that has taken over my mother. I have learned a lot from reading and attending support groups. My blog isn't really about dementia, the disease, it's mostly my random thoughts about my mom living with the disease, my family, and a few tidbits of advise for those reading. Another thing I have discovered to help me get through is to help others by sharing all that I have learned along the way. Take a look at my page by copying this link to your web browser and if it interests you then please "LIKE" it and feel free to post anything relative to dementia and Alzheimers disease. Also, share it with anyone else with whom you think might benefit.

The link is here.... ......or you can click on the link on the right-hand side of this page by scrolling down to where it says "My Facebook Fan Page" under "LINKS".

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