Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It has been months since I last attended the Alzheimers Support Group meeting at the Episcopal Church Home. I went tonight, took my dad with me. I think the meeting was great tonight and really opened my dad's eyes to his, our, harsh reality. He is ready to make some tough decisions now....or at least he seems to be tonight. I am afraid that when he wakes up tomorrow morning that everything will go back to the normal chaos. The chaos that my sister and I are having to live with because of poor decisions or even no decisions.

I think my dad made a friend at the meeting. This man and my father seem to have a lot in common. My dad really needs a friend to lean on who can really understand what he is going through emotionally with losing my mom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this friendship.

All my thanks go out to all who were in attendance at tonights support group. I'll keep you posted!

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