Friday, January 6, 2012

Name Change

I did it. I changed the title of my blog from "Our Family's Long Good-Bye" because I felt like I had stolen it from Patti Davis who had her writings about her father, Ronald Reagan, published into a book called "The Long Good-bye". Not sure if I'm thrilled with my new title but this is what it will remain until something better pops into my head.

I also updated the description on the blog. Below (the paragraph in BOLD print) is everything I wanted it to say but I was only allowed 500 out with the old, in with the new (description, that is).

And one more thing. I am glad to see that my blog has had over 2500 views! I hope that anyone else out there who is having to deal with a loved one living with dementia is reading this, knowing they are not alone, and maybe learning something along the way. To be blunt....this disease TOTALLY F@&#ING SUCKS!!!! And it litterally SUCKS! It sucks the life out of the victim and every single person around it. Dementia has even changed me. I am full of resentment and guilt and I don't know what to do about it. I'm on edge almost every minute of every day. I guess we are all victims. My father, especially. Dementia has taken a serious toll on my father and he isn't even the dementia "victim". My biggest fear is that he will die before Mom. Dad is Mom's caregiver. If he dies before Mom then Mom will most certainly end up in the nursing home. Dad is not well, has suffered 3 mini-strokes (TIA's) in less than 2 years. He is in the hospital at the very moment because of a (believed) third TIA.

This blog is like my therapist, my diary. I hope to not offend or upset any member of my family but I must be honest in my writing. These are MY THOUGHTS and MY FEELINGS, some of which are very raw and may seem cruel but they are MINE. I began this blog shortly after my mother was diagnosed with dementia. I was losing sleep with all of these thoughts racing through my head....I had to get them this blog was born. It's my therapy.

Dementia is such a cruel disease robbing its victim of their precious memories and their physical being. Slowly it eats away at the brain of its victim, completely erasing everything that makes them who they are. Our torture is having to watch Mom slowly drift away from us. We are all trying to understand how to cope, how to decide the best way to take care of her. None of it makes any sense.

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