Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Memory of Mom from Bill Flarsheim

This was an email I received from Bill Flarsheim. Bill is the eldest son of dear friends of my parents, Lois & Philip Flarsheim. Thank you for this, Bill.


I'm sorry your mom is not doing well. When I saw her last June, she was having a good day, and was not too different from the woman I knew when I was growing up. The most specific memory of your mom I have Is from our kitchen on Antrim. That's when I found out she was in the same class at Atherton as Hunter S. Thompson. I had just finished reading a book of his essays. Your mom said he was something of a jerk in high school. He would do something like insult the football team, and then they would up end him into a trash can in the cafeteria. I remember other times when she and my mom would talk about people they knew at Atherton and other places growing up. I also remember her talking about her first round of open heart surgery. I know it had been a rough several months, but she was very matter of fact and upbeat about the whole thing.

I know your family is going through a very hard time. Good luck and God bless.


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