Monday, December 5, 2011

From Mom's Birthday Book of Memories from Susan Brothers, May 1997

"Dear Marilyn,

When thinking about what to say in this birthday celebration message, it was so hard to know where to begin. It's impossible to articulate the impact, the influence, the support, the kindness and the caring you gave to me at a critical time in my life. You provided me with a glimpse of a real family and then welcomed me inside. I saw that even in the most difficult times, that families can stay together and keep loving each other. As this was something I had not experienced in my own family, seeing and knowing this helped shape my values and goals for the future. Although I was on a lengthy search, and never knew exactly where I was going, I managed to find my way.

You and Hal also influenced my life long choice of finding a life partner. I was pretty selective - - I had to be to find someone who could take a life with me! But I know that even in the most difficult times, we'll follow you and Hal in supporting and loving each other while we work our way through.

Today, even though it's not often enough, I watch Emily and Lyndsey playing together with pure amazement. Just think about Camille and I running around, keeping your life more interesting than you needed, leaves me with feelings of serious trepidation!

They are so smart and daring! I can only hope that she'll find as special a friend as I found in Camille. I also hope that she gets to experience being an extended part of a family as wonderful as yours.

Thank you so much for all you brought to my life. Knowing what a terrible communicator I am, this opportunity to wish you happy birthday is special to me. Being welcomed into your life, enriched and helped guide mine. I am very grateful to you.

With much Love, Susan B.

John Voskuhl & Emily "

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