Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little Notes from 1979

Loose, in Mom's journal were little notes that Mom had written on small square pieces of note paper. I do not know the dates of each or even the chronological order of them but here they are.


"I think I am having a drug reaction - I have had 2 or 3 Dilaudid since mid afternoon and I took 2 more at about 11:30 so pain level would go down enough for sleep. I have been itching like crazy - so I took a Benedryl.
3. Still itching but it seems to not be as bad as before.
4. Heart is flopping around 12:40 am."


"I'm so happy & proud of what I have achieved tonight. I never thought I could ever reach such a level. Those at the Gym were so happy for me it really made me feel good. Those not at the Gym don't understand & the telling of it takes all its lustre. Lucy really seemed pleased - I liked that.
I wish my girls could understand. Hal is so good to me - I'm really very lucky.
I'm having weird pains in my back - right under my rt shoulder blade near the center - it hurts - It's coming thru to the front now - I think I take another Rx.
Call Lucy for more Talwin tomorrow."


feel bad so much of the time.
Terry Henkel says Talwin is insidiously addictive.
after dinner - crash
getting ready for bed
drawing feeling
(this word is not ledgible) pulrating hurt."

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