Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Memories & friendship from my parents Highlands neighbor, Steve Head

"When I move in my house on Carolina, the first neighbor to come over and introduce himself was Hal. That was May 22, 1991. I liked him right away. I met Marilyn several days after that. They both always took time to say hi and talked with me as I working on my house. I spent many hours since then sitting with them outside their house, talking about any and everything. There's a lot I could say, but the bottom line is that they are both very good friends and I miss them A LOT since they have moved. As I learnt more about Marilyn and her present and past health issues, I became more and more impressed about her strength as a person. Her love of Hal and her children/grandchildren was always shared by the stories the she told and of the updates on what they were doing or did do. I learnt a lot from both Hal and Marilyn. Not just about general things but about love and devotion. I have only met two couples that I can say I thought were honestly deeply in love, respected and accepted each other, and were 100% devoted to each other. Hal and Marilyn are one of those couples. Their interaction with each other, the way they talk is amazing to witness. Even how they look at each other, I can't explain justly with words. They could finish each others sentences, They were so respectful and honest to each other and so very caring for each other. It was a you " see one" you" see two" relationship. They were always together. I think people that know them or get the chance to are truly blessed. I am very honored and proud to know Hal and Marilyn and to be able to call them not just "my old neighbors" but my life long very good friends. I love them both. Steve Head"


Thank you so much Steve. I actually got a lump in my throat reading this. I am so glad that you have such high regard for my parents. Reading your letter makes me feel proud to be their daughter. Thank you so much. I wish so badly that things could be the way they used to be, I'm so homesick for that. .. ..

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