Thursday, September 8, 2011

From Mom's Journal - July 21, 1979 (age 42)

"The time has gone by & has been so long since I first went to bed. I do wonder sometimes if I will ever really get up again.

Hal & I had a long talk tonight & tears about all this. I hope I can find some years left for me somewhere in all this. I want so very much to have time with him again. I love him so very much and believe he will tell me the truth in all of this - I hope so for I think he owes me that - I owe it to him."


"Hal -
In most all things I do try to consider if whatever is fair to you. You asked me tonight to not take my life without first discussing it with you -

I could not do something like that to you unless you really understood why - I would not want to put that burden on you -

So I guess I am saying I will talk it over with your first in fairness to you - if that all makes any sense.
Most of all remember - I have loved you with all my being -


2:00 AM - 7/22/79

Woke up in sweat - pain in chest not bad but there - asked for pill - spilled water - coughed some but not enough to be productive - back of me is all wet with sweat - hair & all -
pain becomes very intense on movement - she gives me 2 Empirine #3 -

I have been here a week today and I have never heard from Mended Hearts - I think that is really strange - it is almost like an omen -

2:40 AM pain moved to rt shoulder & arm will take a NTG to see what happens - finally gone at 3:00.

Hal - Anne is a lot like you in that she likes to organize things - let her work on her dressing table & fix the chair that goes with it. She likes to have dividers etc to get everything together."

Is this something that is on a blitz & rampage?
What kind of time frame are we working in?
How & what do we tell Anne?
Why is it so hard to get answers from Lansing?

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