Monday, September 19, 2011

From Mom's Journal - Friday Augut 31, 1979 (age 42)

"Monday night my back began to hurt again and we called Lucy. I am now back in CCU because my blood thinner was no longer working right.

I've been here these last few days trying to get my blood thin enough so I will not throw off clots again. We discovered today that I had not been getting all my medicines therefore the blood was not right. It means I will have to be another 5 to 7 days.

I am really diappointed for I wanted to go to the Joe Binks race tomorrow morning. It is the first race for the cross country season. Camille has invited the Central Cross Country teams for a cook-out tomorrow night. But I was afraid Monday night that I would not make the race. Lucy was going to let me go and then come back to the hospital - but she says it is too risky now.

I also will not be home for the long holiday weekend nor our anniversary. I miss being with Hal terribly. I hope I can go home some day and just stay there for a while and get off this hospital merry-go-round.

Yesterday when coming back from EKG lab we were toating along with me in a wheelchair & an Ivac in tow despensing my Heprin all being pushed by Jane Rose the aide. As we came in the door to the unit the bottle fell off the IV pole and landed right on my shin. Boy did I see star. It has raised a bump and a small bruise.

I find when in the hospital it is so hard to hold on to who you are."

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