Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Favorite Memory from Anne P. Stewart, Marilyn's "favorite" niece - 9/6/2011

"Hey Anne,
I have nothing but good memories of your mother. For my whole life, whenever she saw me, she made me feel like she was so happy to see me. She called me her favorite niece which I still love so much, even though I am her only one. When she smiles, she has a twinkle in her eye, even when she is not feeling her best. She and mom always took such pride in the Bromley traditions and am happy how they have taught us how to make holidays special with the good china, silver, flowers, etc.

I can only remember one time that she really got mad at me. I must have been around 9 and we were riding our bikes around my lowell neighborhood. I still feel really badly about this but a black boy in our neighborhood was following us around and I called him chocolate ice cream. Somehow he went to my house, told your mom who was there and she came after me immediately. At the time, I had some "love beads" around my neck. She told me to take them off and told me I did not deserve to wear them for calling people names. It really sunk in to me and I have never done anything like that again. And I detest it when ever I hear people doing that. I apologized to Shawn, and I think she knew I was sincerely sorry as she gave them back to me with a big hug and made me feel better. She has always been a person that I have admired and wanted to make proud. Also her and your father are the true definition of true loves. They have always been crazy about each other and it has been a great example to us all of true devotion. I am crazy about my Uncle Harold too! Need to see them much more! I'm so glad you are doing the blog.

Hope this helps cuz!
Anne Stewart is the older daughter of Mom's sister Margaret Bromley and she is my cousin.

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