Monday, September 19, 2011

Camille winning State! One of my favorite memories!

Camille - the first across the finish line. Notice that there are no other runners anywhere close to her. Yes, I am bragging about my sister.
Camille receiving her State Championship award.
Camille greeting Mom after receiving her award.
It's a miracle, Mom Stands from wheelchair!! haha.
Camille being interviewed by the Courier-Journal sports writer.
Camille with her team - Central High School. Coach is EJ Henderson.

One of my most favorite memories is one of the times Camille won the State High School Cross Country meet. I think the year was either 1980 or 1981. Mom hadn't been out of the hospital for too long so we had to take her to the meet in a wheel chair because she was too weak to walk to the finish line. There were people everywhere, including the press.
Camille was the first to cross the finish line and when she did Mom jumped up from her wheel chair, cheering from pure joy and excitement! Camille found Mom and came over to give her a big hug. I believe I remember the Courier-Journal printing in the article about the meet, something about it being a miracle that Camille Forrester's mother was healed at the finish line. We all got a big laugh out of that. I will have to see if Camille has that article so I can print the exact quote.
These pictures are from that day. Mom and Dad were so very proud of Camille. I have to admit that I was too. Those meets were always soooooo exciting to watch and now I get to enjoy watching my own son compete in the same sport.

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That is a neat memory!