Thursday, May 26, 2011


Went to plant a rhododendron today in my moms back yard. My Aunt Margaret (Moms sister) had given it to her for her birthday.

Mom came out and sat at her patio table to talk to me while I dug. She was able to tell me about some plantings that were already in the yard when they moved in. There was one plant that my dad and I thought might be a weed but before I dug it out I told Dad "I'll check with Mom, she'll know whether it's a weed or not".

When it comes to cooking, baking, and gardening....well, I can still get Mom's advise on any of that. I think all of those things, things that she truly loved to do, are permanently engraned in her memory. I don't believe she will ever lose her "how-to" ability when it comes to those. Oh...and How to be a Good Mom, she'll always have the best advise.

Glad to know that some things in her memory are still intact. When I finished digging we sat for almost an hour and had a great visit on her patio. The sun was shining off and on, there was a wonderful breeze blowing, and the birds were chirping. It's was delightful and I will cherish this day, I only wish Mom could as well.


Amy said...

Wonderful post - glad it was a good day

Carol Mattingly said...

The good days are the best. The bad days seem to defy all the odds to keep a stiff upper lip. Just hang in there Anne. It's all any of us can really do for our parents. I am just now coming out of the fog of my mother dying and it's been 6 years. Carol