Thursday, August 14, 2008

On the rebound once again!

Since I wrote that post (Could this be the beginning of the end?) Mom seems to be rebounding back as she usually does. Dad said he has been taking her to movies which is something they both really love to do together. She may not always remember what she saw but for those brief two hours they can sit quietly, hold hands, and really enjoy being together.

Dad said they watched Randy Pausch's Last Lecture video and he is reading the book to Mom. They have been discussing with Moms doctor (upon the doctors request) to write and speak about Moms nearly life long illnesses. The Last Lecture video is inspiring them to do this project, follow the same format as Randy. I think it will be so beneficial to Mom, it will give her a 'purpose' once again and a way to release all of the stress and sadness that has built up inside of her for the past 30 years. She will also be able to help inspire others with her will to defy the odds, her will to live and live a full live with a purpose and happiness among the stress and sadness. I really hope they follow through to begin and complete this project.

So... here we are again on the fast downhill of the emotional roller coaster of our lives.

I love you Mom!

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