Sunday, March 9, 2008

You may have noticed a small change

So you may have noticed (or maybe not) a small change in my page header describing my blog. I have taken the word Alzheimer's disease out of the description because my mother HATES that word. She's not too fond of dementia either so she came up with her own name for her memory loss. CRS is now what we will call this disease that is robbing my mother of her memories but, as you will read, NOT her sense of humor. CRS stands for Can't Remember Shit... this coming from the woman who has it (but doesn't always remember it).

Love you Mom! You make me smile.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post....I love it that she still has the spunk to call it CRS!!---gina

Anonymous said...

See Anne...there are others reading your blog. I am so proud of you expressing your feelings so well. I love you dearly and please know to call me anytime.
Auntie M