Wednesday, October 31, 2007


October 31, 2007

Mom is having her heart surgery next Tuesday (Nov. 6). She is having a combination pacemaker/defibrilator put in. We are hopefull that it will help to give her the energy she has been so lacking, her heart is functioning only at 20% capacity. She's been having a tremendous amount of chest pain and absolutely no energy.

I'm concerned about this surgery because I'm not sure if she needs to be put completely under anesthesia or partially. A couple of years ago when it was discovered that she had a leaky heart valve we were told that her heart was too weak to handle anymore surgery, she was too weak to handle the anesthesia, and there was not a cardiac surgeon who would touch her because of her fragile condition.

Sooo... back to my last post... this could go really well or it could go really bad.

Mom is anxious to have the surgery because she is so hopeful that it will help her feel better. While I'm hoping for the same results I'm terrified of the worst happening.

Keep you fingers crossed for our family that all goes well next week.


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Anonymous said...

We will be thinking of you all on Tuesday and praying that your mom's surgery goes well. Keep us posted!---Gina